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GreenZen Uji Matcha

Explore our Uji Matcha Range,
Longer Lasting Energy, Feel the Difference.

Loti Tansworth, Scotland

I love matcha in the morning, and bought the Essential Matcha - Organic Coconut Sugar without knowing what to expect given this is a brand I never heard of. But it is perfect! Taste wise & potency! I don't need to add anything, just froth with milk and its done.

Suki Ng, London

I'm so glad I got the Ceremonial Matcha! I've tried so many brands, and most are 40g, this is 60g, and I have to say the potency gives the right kick for work! No bitterness at all, and tastes sublime, thanks GreenZen!

Chris Groves, London

I went to the shop in Canada Water, as I live nearby. I love going there for food but grab one premium matcha latte before work in the morning. I'm glad they finally came out with the premium matcha tube, which I happily use at work!



Uji matcha powder is regarded as the highest grade of matcha in Japan, prepared using the youngest tea leaves. It's so named because it comes from the region of Uji, Japan, on the southeast border of Kyoto. The small city of Uji is renowned for its tea, and the region is widely considered to produce the best matcha

Have peace of mind when buying.


100% pesticide free, GMO-Free


Professionally packaged In the UK, SALSA certified (Safe & Local Supplier Approval)


Recyclable, Reusable, Food-Grade packaging


Organic Adaptogenic, Nootropic, Superfood Ingredients


Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free


Clean and hygienic packing facility and procedures (nut-free, no cross-contamination)


Less Packaging: Refill at any of our locations for 10% less (than buying with packaging)

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