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Why Drink Uji Matcha?


Helps Relieve Stress

L-Theanine compound also increases Alpha wave activity in the brain and inducing a a feeling relaxation while improving mental alertness, giving you the calm yet focused effect.

Myoan Eisai

Our "mascot", the "father of tea" in Uji, Japan (Founder of the Rinzai school oof Zen Buddhism). It's through him, that GreenZen Uji Matcha finds its way, to you!

Promotes Natural Weightloss

Uji Matcha is rich in Catechin known as epigalocatechin-3gallate (EGCG) that speeds up metabolism and aids weightloss!

Boosts Energy

Uji Matcha boosts energy better than coffee and has less caffeine, meaning longer sustaied energy realease without the jitters. A compound in Uji Matcha known as L-Theanine helps prolong the effects of caffeine, elininating the spike & crash and keeping the energy levels consistent.

Keeps your heart healthy and protects against cancer

The EGCG is a known to possess powerful anti-cancer properties. Regular consumption of Uji Matcha also leads to lower levels of "bad" cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Uji Matcha's Many Health Benefits


Energy 1-3 hours

Energy Rush
Spike & Crash

Caffeine 80-100 mg

Short burst of energy followed by a crash Cortisol & Adrenaline spike.


Aggravates certain health condiditons

Uji Matcha

Energy 4-6 hours

Calm Energy

No Spikes or Crashes
Mental Focus

Caffeine 20-40 mg

L-Theanine increases Alpha brain waves for improved mental focus and deeper relaxation
Reduces Cortisol


pH 7-8
Contains EGCG
Improves Heart & Liver Health
Powerful Antioxidant

Uji matcha powder is regarded as the highest grade of matcha in Japan, prepared using the youngest tea leaves. It's so named because it comes from the region of Uji, Japan, on the southeast border of Kyoto. The small city of Uji is renowned for its tea, and the region is widely considered to produce the best matcha

The Samurai used to consume Uji Matcha before battles from the 13th century, Monks have been using Matcha to aid meditation since the 9th century, Why?



100% pesticide free


Work Aid

More caffeine than in green tea, with no crash (Click here for Uji Matcha Vs Coffee)


Brain Aid

Uji Matcha improves attention, reaction time, and even memory while reducing stress

Gym Aid

Uji Matcha can aid weight loss and increase metabolism. Most weight loss pills have "green tea extract". Why not consume the actual thing!

Anti-cancer Aid

Uji Matcha is a more powerful antioxidants than vitamins C and E. These antioxidants help to reinforce your immune system and fight the free radicals in your body.


Meditation aid

Uji Matcha induces a high consciousness brain alpha-wave state. People in deep meditation are in an alpha-wave state, experiencing calm


Environmentally friendly

Recyclable, Reusable, Food-Grade packaging

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