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Essential Uji Matcha, 100g

Essential Uji Matcha, 100g


Want matcha with a bit of flavour for every day use?


Do you go to the gym and want to add a boost to your protein shake?


Do you enjoy cereal in the morning, but find it full of sugar and doesn't give you long-term energy?


Boost your every day foods such as cereals, teas, lattes, protein shakes to give you that 8 hour caffeine energy boost 


Perfect for every day use. Just add water, and milk for desired thickness. Does not contain sugar, so sweetness is customisable.



Dairy & Gluten-free Organic Coconut Milk Powder - Made from freshly squeezed coconut milk. Contains around 65% coconut oil



Uji Matcha, Organic Coconut Milk Powder



25 - 50 depending on 1 or 1/2 tea spoon





Smoothies, Protein Shakes, Cereal Bowls

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