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Premium Uji Matcha, 60g

Premium Uji Matcha, 60g


Looking for the perfect latte grade Uji Matcha?

Want to experience the bliss of monks of Uji?


1/3 more than what others are offering, in quality and quantity for the same price!


Premium GreenZen Uji Matcha is our all-purpose premium matcha offering, recommended for latte's due to its flavourful tones which permeate well through any milk to your taste buds. This can also be used to make tea's but you can use half of the recommended dose due to its stronger flavour.



1x 60g Premium Uji Matcha in a sealed silver bag

1x Food-grade, Refillable and Recyclable container


Servings: 20 - 60 depending on 1 or 1/4 tea spoon

Other brands: 14 - 20 @40g






Bubble Tea

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