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We all need a space for peace.

Get a steady stream of peace from morning & beyond,
With High-Grade, Uji Sourced Matcha.

Start Your Uji Matcha Journey.


Why Uji Matcha?

We all need a space of peace from time to time.

Escape the daily grind with GreenZen Uji Matcha blends. Sourced from the birthplace of Uji Matcha in Japan, our blends offer a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit, taking you on a journey of Zen just like the ancient monks of old.

Through the tireless efforts of the father of tea and the founder of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism, Myōan Eisai, GreenZen Uji matcha has found its way to you, providing a window of opportunity for temporary harmony and peace.

Indulge in the growing experience of GreenZen Uji Matcha blends, whether at work, at home, or in leisure. It's the perfect escape to transcend the mundane and enter a realm of spiritual and philosophical enlightenment. Try it for yourself today.

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Feel Zen at Home, Uji Matcha Delivered

Did you know these Uji Matcha Facts?


Helps Relieve Stress

L-Theanine compound also increases Alpha wave activity in the brain and inducing a a feeling relaxation while improving mental alertness, giving you the calm yet focused effect.

Promotes Natural Weightloss

Uji matcha is rich in Catechin known as epigalocatechin-3gallate (EGCG) that speeds up metabolism and aids weightloss!

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Tea is the
elixir of life 

- Eisai

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Feel the difference, explore our authentic Uji Matcha Range.

Enlightenment Blend
This blend is the perfect brain nourishment, body energiser, and mood enhancer. It is truly the all-in-one package to fuel you no matter the task ahead of you! As such, this is our, enlightenment blend...

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Live a Zen

We don't just sell Uji Matcha, we sell
"long-term transformation"

We founded GreenZen Health with one goal in mind: resurrecting the popularity of world-renowned Uji Matcha in London,  represented by our 'seal of approval' monk "the father of teas" monk Eisai, read more about us and our story:

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