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Bringing Uji Matcha to London

Our Story

We founded GreenZen Health with one goal in mind: resurrecting the popularity of world-renowned Uji Matcha in London,  represented by our 'seal of approval' monk "the father of teas" monk Eisai. 


Our parent company and flagship store in the heart of London, has been serving Uji Matcha to dozens of communities since 2016, and now, through GreenZenHealth, all of that experience is bottled up in every one of our products, to go nationwide, with no compromise.


We are a holistic company of three entities:

  • Body: GreenZen Ltd. (Restaurants & Catering)

  • Mind: GreenZenHealth Ltd. (Matcha Retail)

  • Spirit: GreenZenLife Ltd. (Fitness Retail)


Through these entities, we aim to be a vital lifestyle brand distributing our health and fitness products through retailers (online and physical), cafes, bubble tea shops and bakeries.




Restaurant and Catering

Visit our parent company, GreenZen Ltd,
learn about where it all started.


GreenZen Lifestyle Brand

Interested in fitness?
Visit our life style brand.

Mind Body Spirit 

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