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Myoan Eisai


...bears the Monk Eisai

seal of approval"

"Every GreenZen Health 
Uji Matcha Product and Accessory...


The very first Japanese monk to be given the certification of Zen Teacher by China


The founder of the Rinzai School of Zen Buddhism


The monk that made it his life work to propagate the ceremony and tea culture of Uji Matcha in Japan


He wrote many books, a notable one being:

喫茶養生記, Kissa Yōjōki (in English, Drinking Tea for Health)

The Founder of Matcha in Japan,
"The father of Tea"

Matcha tea made its first appearance 1,000 year ago discovered by a Buddhist monk, Myoan Eisai, who realised that drinking matcha greatly improved his Zen meditations by producing a state of calm alertness.

Eisai, has spent most of his life studying Buddhism in China, and in particular the principles of Chan, “zen”. In 1191, Eisai returned to Japan for good, bringing with him the tea seeds that helped him so much during his studies and long meditation sessions, as well as the knowledge for tea ceremonies. Matcha was produced in extremely limited quantities and was a symbol of luxury. It was considered a medicine and a meditation drink that provides energy and mental alertness for samurai and monks. Samurai warriors also drink matcha to build their energy and stamina before fighting. Precious matcha has been for long time the preserve of the emperor, samurai and the Japanese elite.

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